Safeguarding your Assets

Business Security & Beyond

24/7 Protection

Combined commercial intrusion protection with integrated camera systems.

Access Control

Manage who comes and goes with advanced access solutions.

Fire Systems

State-approved fire systems designed to save lives and protect your property.

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Security That Means Business

Stay Informed, Stay Secure

Explore the power of security that goes beyond the basics with our Business Security & Beyond solutions. This video highlights how you can secure every aspect of your business and stay in control, whether you’re in the back room or back home. With real-time decision-making capabilities, enhanced operational efficiency, and comprehensive monitoring, our system ensures that you’re always empowered and informed. Experience a new standard in business security that not only protects but also enhances your management capabilities.

Empower & Protect

Revolutionizing Business Safety and Productivity with Smart Tech

ProVisual by APS

Prevent crimes with proactive video monitoring. Our system detects and addresses suspicious activities, ensuring your business remains secure and unbreached.

Access Control

Enhance security and operational efficiency with electronic access systems that allow you to control and monitor entry points remotely.

Fire Safety Systems

Ensure the safety of your assets and personnel with integrated fire detection systems that respond instantly to emergencies.

Energy Management

Reduce operational costs and environmental impact with smart systems that optimize energy usage across lighting, heating, and air conditioning.

Intrusion Detection

Protect against unauthorized access with sophisticated intrusion detection systems that provide real-time alerts and automated responses.

Connected Fleet

Track and secure your company’s fleet vehicles with real-time monitoring and management tools.

Remote System Access

Ability to manage and monitor security systems remotely.

Environmental Monitoring

Sensors to monitor environmental conditions like temperature and humidity.

Video Analytics

Utilize advanced video analytics to gain insights into customer behavior, streamline traffic flow, and enhance overall business operations.

Site + Surveillance

Boost the security of temporary locations with our 'Site + Surveillance' system. This mobile and comprehensive monitoring solution ensures a swift response to any disturbances. Perfectly suited for construction sites, major events, and other temporary setups, it provides a versatile and robust way to manage and protect your assets from a distance.

As always very good service/install. Been using APS for 27 years always easy to work with. Would use again and highly recommend them.


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