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Reviews for Alarm Protection Services

Dear APS,

From the receptionist who took my first call, to Charlie Douroux, the salesman, and the installers—Joseph, Alex and Jimmie—your company provided a "Class A" act. Everyone was polite and attentive to my questions and concerns. Thank you so much for the peace of mind!

Patricia H
APS customer since May 2016


Barry was the best. Knew exactly what he was doing and even corrected errors made by the contractor during installation. Happy I decided to stay with APS for my alarm and monitoring needs.

Ward S.
APS customer since 1996


Good Morning,

Thank you so much for the gift bags for the residents. They were delighted to see you guys last night and get a present. That's all they have been talking about this morning. Thank you guys so very much!

Deanna Sanford
Program Director/Asst. Manager
Ville Ste Marie Senior Living Community
APS customer since 2001


I was so pleased and happy with the technician's service. Scott was very courteous and professional. I have been a customer for many years, and I commend you for your prompt attention. Many Thanks!

Gloria N.
APS customer since 2006


APS has given us peace of mind for over 10 years now. Recently, when the electricity went out, they were the first to call our home to make sure everything was ok. Thanks APS!

The Guerra Family
APS customer


I just wanted to let you know that your technician, Paul, is outstanding!

Holly M.
APS Customer since 2012


No matter how crazy my situation thru the years, your staff always treats us with respect. Appreciate your patience when I am trying to understand how to bypass.

APS customer since 1990


Whenever we accidentally set off our alarm by opening a door when we're in a hurry and forget that the alarm is set, APS is QUICK to call and check if it is us who set it off or an intruder. Thanks!



Great! Love how you take such good care of us. Makes us feel secure and safe. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your caring and support!

Jane T.
APS customer since 2000


Your staff is always polite and helpful—like when I forget to turn the alarm off prior to opening my door to get mail. Your service is great; I wonder how I felt safe prior to having the alarm system.

Linda H
APS customer since 2011


Charlie G. did a good job as usual. He is patient with his explanations to non-geeks.

Walter M.
APS Customer since 2012


I love APS. No worries when out of town or when roaming the city. Staff is always courteous and ready to help.

Joe S.
APS customer since 2012


I forget I had the alarm set when I went out to check my mail. You have the nicest people to deal with on matters like this.

Russell H.
APS customer since 2007


Love how you take such good care of us. Makes us feel secure and safe. Keep up the good work.

Diane L.
APS customer since 2010

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