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How To Choose The Best Home Security System For Your Needs

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A lot of security companies sell you cookie-cutter home security protection. It is always the same kit with a few sensors for your doors and windows and a motion detector. It is easy for the company to install and then move on to the next customer. The system is so generic that it doesn’t work for your family and their unique needs. Inside this article, we’ll take a look at how to choose the best home security system for your needs.

Does Your Security System Make Things Easier?

Your security system should help make everyday tasks easier. So how do you choose the best home security protection for your needs? The first step is to look at your daily routines and home environment.

If you are a parent of little kids, your life is very busy with constant caregiving and supervision of said kids. Your main concern on school days should be that everyone is up, dressed, and getting out the door. You don’t need another mental task of manually arming the alarm system at the keypad, running out the door before the beeping stops, and locking the door behind you. While simultaneously getting all the kids buckled into the car. How often have you forgotten to set the alarm or didn’t remember if you locked the front door?

Instead, your home security protection should have the following components:

  • Sensors for your doors and windows
  • Motion detector(s)
  • A keyless entry door lock
  • Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors (must-have item)
  • Smart Thermostat
  • One app that controls them all!

Optional components:

  • Smart Cameras (you’ll want traditional cameras and doorbell cameras)

APS Security

So as a parent, let’s revisit the morning school routine but incorporate our smart home features.

Everyone is out the door and loaded in the car. You whip out your phone and open one app, press one button, the front door gets locked, the alarm system is armed, and the thermostat temperature goes up a few degrees —no sense in cooling an empty house.

As your family grows, your home security protection should be able to grow with you. When your children get older, you may decide you want to add security cameras. Cameras help you give your kids the space to become more independent and keep you in the know. You will have peace of mind knowing they made it home safely from school without being a helicopter parent.

Let’s talk about choosing the best home security system if you don’t have children. You still need to look at your daily routine and see where smart home technology can work for you.

Analyzing Your Daily Routine

Do you have a pet sitter walk your dog daily while at work? If so, you want to have a keyless entry lock. When it connects to your alarm system, you can set parameters so the pet sitter can only enter your home on certain days and times.

Do you frequently entertain friends at your home? Well, your home security system can link to your SONOS audio equipment. You can create “scenes.” With just one press of the button on your app, you can turn on the music, lower the lights, and turn down the a/c. The last thing you want is your guests sweating because you were busy getting ready and forgot to crank down the A/C.

Something Everyone Needs In A Home Security System

No matter your lifestyle, it is essential that your home security protection has fire and carbon monoxide detection. A monitoring station should monitor these devices. If you are sleeping and carbon monoxide leaks in your house, you may be incapacitated to call for help. Monitored home
protection systems give you the extra coverage and will contact the property authorities if they can’t get in touch with you.

Recap: A Home Security System That Meets Your Needs

Reach out to us today, and we will set you up with a free consultation with our system designers. They will listen to your concerns, ask questions about your lifestyle, and recommend what fits your unique needs. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter!

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