Home security is a top priority for many homeowners, but there are a lot of myths and misinformation about what does and doesn’t work when it comes to home security. As a result, many people end up taking unnecessary risks that could put their homes and family at risk. Here are three home security myths that could be putting your home at risk.

Myths That Could Be Putting You At Risk

Myth #1 – Security systems are unreliable
Years ago, home security systems were hardwired, which came with disadvantages. Security systems relied on physical phone lines; criminals could easily cut the phone lines to stop the signals from going to your monitoring station.

Our Alarm Protection Services security systems use wireless and cellular technology to communicate to our monitoring station. The security systems and communicators also run on a backup battery. So if a criminal goes for your phone lines or power lines, the system will still work.

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Myth #2: I have a dog, so I don’t need a security system
Dogs may deter some home burglars, but they shouldn’t be your home’s only protection. Dogs love naps and are easily distracted. Remember “Doug” from the Pixar movie “Up”? He was the one that was constantly distracted by squirrels. While it made for a good laugh, it also happens in real life.

Don’t put your dogs in harm’s way. Some intruders will become violent to protect themselves from an attack. Instead, let your home security system protect the family pet. It can protect them from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning and alert the proper authorities. You can also include cameras in your security system to watch your fur baby.

Myth #3: Home security systems cost too much.
Thanks to advances in wireless technology, a sound security system is more affordable now. At Alarm Protection Services, our system designers work with you to use as much of the existing security system equipment already in your home. If you are building a security system from scratch, our designers will look at your needs and wants to recommend a unique design that keeps you from paying for things you don’t like or need.

Also, innovative home security systems can help you SAVE money. Connect your lights, locks, and thermostats to your security system. Having them on one app will allow you to set up smart routines. For example, if someone leaves the front door open for longer than 15 minutes, it can communicate to your thermostat to turn off and send you a notification. You won’t be yelling, “We aren’t air conditioning the outside! Shut the door!”

Finally, don’t forget to check with your homeowner’s insurance to see if they offer a discount for having a monitored home security system. Some of our customers have received up to 15% discount on their homeowner’s insurance.

Recap: Home Security System Myths Debunked

Although home security systems are not a guarantee against theft or burglary, they can be an effective tool in protecting your home and family. The three myths we debunked may have you reconsidering whether or not you need a security system for your home. Contact APS Security today to learn more about the benefits of having a security system and how it can protect your home and belongings.