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Job Security And A Safer Workplace: How Security Services Keep Employees Safe

Employers know that security systems protect their property, but there is nothing more valuable than their staff. A safe work environment is happier, more productive and more efficient. Utilizing what security services have to offer is the easiest way to create a secure workspace. These services reduce the risk of fire damage, theft, and vandalism and much more.  

Protect Employees From Disasters

It is rare for a fire to start out as an uncontrollable blaze. Early warning systems alert everyone to a problem as soon as possible and make it easier for all to evacuate calmly to avoid the potential for injury. Fire suppression systems hold back the fire to increase the possibility of a safe exit. Remote camera monitoring verifies a building is unoccupied from a safe distance.

Reduce Expense and Job Loss

A fire or a flood is a risk to the livelihood of everyone at the business. Early detection is job security because it lowers the financial loss when the problem is addressed quickly and damaged is reduced. Systems that include 24-hour monitoring ensure the same level of protection even when everyone is at home sleeping or out of the office for the weekend.

Partner with a security company to boost the effectiveness of the system through their regular inspections to confirm all safety and monitoring is working appropriately. Inspections help the company to avoid costly fines by ensuring OSHA regulations are met. The dedication to strict safety standards and the addition of the security services may even lower insurance costs.

Control Who Enters Property

Remote access systems are one of the most cost-effective methods of controlling who enters a building. Every business owner must consider the potential risks of allowing free access to their property and through their offices. Access control prevents people without the proper clearance from entering dangerous or confidential areas and it keeps dangerous people out.

There are many examples of people entering workplaces with the intention of doing harm. Every company should develop an escape or defense plan for their staff as a part of their standard safety program. Remote access may not prevent every intruder determined to enter a building, but the delay it provides allows people to have time to get to safety.

Employees have more financial security when their employer invests in protecting all of the personal information they have on file for the employees and the clients. In addition, access control is used to safeguard products and ideas currently in development. Keeping this type of information safe is vital to the survival of any business in a competitive industry.

Stop Theft and Vandalism

The Small Business Administration determined that a single act of vandalism costs a small business an average of about $3,000. Businesses in the United States lose approximately $60 billion each year from theft. About nine percent of all small businesses were burglarized or experienced some type of theft in 2016.

The American Society of Employers reports that out of every dollar a business earns, about 20 cents is stolen by an employee. Not everyone steals from their employer, but all are harmed by the actions of their dishonest co-workers. It may seem uncomfortable to monitor employees with a security camera, but it is the best way to provide job security for the entire team.

Any incident that takes away profit hurts every company member. Address the problem quickly to keep it under control and to avoid putting the business at risk. At Alarm Protection Services we offer solutions for every industry. Contact us to schedule a review of your security needs and to learn more about the services available. 

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How Remote Automation Keeps Businesses Secure

Business owners never really take time off. There is always something to worry about and one of the biggest concerns is the security of an empty office or shop. A few days away could leave everything vulnerable. The most effective way to reduce the risk is through remote automation. Here are examples of how this system makes it possible to enjoy a vacation again. 

Surveillance Cameras Let You See for Yourself

Real-time surveillance cameras are for any property owner that is tired of relying on others to assure them that all is well at their business. With a simple tap on a smartphone, it is possible to see your business through the security cameras. View from home, while on vacation or before entering the building to avoid any surprises. 

The smart cameras used in these systems provide clear video footage for easier identification of trespassers or others if a problem takes place. The quality of the video gives conclusive evidence so the case is easier to prove in court. The footage is backed up and saved remotely to prevent anyone from editing or erasing incriminating information. 

Reduce Company Waste

Every company owner seeks out ways to trim wastefulness. Small mistakes like a faucet left running over the weekend or lights left on are not necessarily huge expenses. However, they do add up over time and create nothing of value for the company. Remote automation makes it possible to have control over all utility services at all times. 

In some instances, this type of control could save money by preventing damage. For example, shutting off the water remotely after noticing a broken pipe eliminates or reduces the amount of water damage. And turning off the electricity to avoid the risk of a power surge when a massive storm is on the way helps to protect electronic equipment.

Remote systems also make it easy to monitor the interior climate of any building and adjust it remotely before returning to work. Employees are able to arrive at a comfortable workplace every day, but you don’t have to worry about the waste of leaving the system in full operation when the business is empty for hours or days at a time. 

Receive Assistance Faster

A thief picking a door lock, an overflowing sink and smoke rising from an outlet are all examples of what people can see and stop before the situation is out of control. The early arrival of emergency services reduces the amount of property damage and is one of the reasons many insurance carriers give discounts to clients with these systems. 

It is even possible to include security features that sense dramatic temperature changes or detect small amounts of smoke in the air. These systems are programmed to notify the business owner, send a signal to the security company or contact first responders to guarantee help arrives quickly. 

Control Building Access

Arming or disarming an alarm system or door remotely allows you the peace of mind that comes from knowing these tasks were completed. These same features help to prevent unintentional employee lockouts that could result in a false alarm to the police station. It is also easy to turn on lights to prevent the building from appearing unoccupied. 

Remote control over front doors, or to any door within the property, is also a convenient internal security feature. It prevents employees from gaining access to secure areas without proper clearance and prevents former employees from having keys that would allow them back into the building without authorization. 

Remote automation works for homes and businesses and helps to alleviate the worries that made business trips, vacations and long weekends seem like a security risk. These security systems are a purchase that has the potential to save time, worry and money. At Alarm Protection Services we specialize in protecting people and property. Call us for more information.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure These Holidays

12857f36-f112-46e4-9f5b-1b530403f38eThe holidays are here, and for many people, it is a time to spend the season relaxing, taking a break from work, and spending time family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s also a time that many criminals look forward to. Home entry crime rates rise significantly over the holiday period, with criminals taking advantage of the increased number of empty dwellings and the abundance of brand new and often expensive gifts that are available to steal.

Whether you’re staying home or going to visit loved ones these holidays, you are probably concerned about your home’s security during this high-risk time. Here are three ways you can ensure that your family, home, and possessions are safe through the season.

1. Install a Security System With Break-In Alarms

Nothing makes a home a less tempting target for thieves than a comprehensive security system. Security companies can devise a tailor-made system which identifies and protects your home’s most vulnerable entry points. Working with a specialist security system provider ensures that your security needs are fully met and nothing will be overlooked that might compromise the effectiveness of your system.

These security systems are monitored around the clock, so you will have the peace of mind that your home is being looked after—even if you’re on the other side of the country. Modern technology also allows you to access your security system and surveillance camera footage from any electronic device and any location.

2. Install Sensor Lights

Sensor lights are easy to install and are a highly effective deterrent to uninvited guests. The motion-activated sensor light will startle the intruder while also making them visible to neighbors and people passing by.  Robbing the would-be robber of the benefit of darkness is often enough to make him or her think twice about entering your home.

Sensor lights work most effectively when used at multiple points around the home, covering both front and rear doors as well as ground level windows. A smart and economical way to add sensor lights is to have them integrated into your home security system when you have it installed.

3. Ensure Your Doors Are Secure

The front door is the entry point used in around 34% of burglaries in the US. Creating an effective barrier is essential, and the more secure your doors are, the better.  Start with a door that has a solid core with both a lockable doorknob and a deadbolt. Avoid glass panels either within the door or on either side of the door, unless the glass is made with toughened or reinforced security glass. 

A top-quality screen door, made from sturdy metal and tough wire mesh, is another layer of security for your doors. Screens are also very noisy to break through, which makes them a highly unappealing option for burglars attempting to enter your home.

4. Don’t Forget to Utilize Your Security Features

You could have the most expensive, high-tech security system and the most impenetrable doors in the world, but unless you’ve remembered to switch on your alarms and lock your doors, these safety features are pointless. Your security features should also be regularly checked and serviced to ensure they work properly when you’re at home and when you’re away.

Burglars commonly rob homes even when the occupants are present. Accidently surprising a burglar mid-robbery can be terrifying, and it may result in yourself or a family member being harmed. A well-maintained security system can keep you and your loved ones safer.

The holidays should be a time of joy, not a time to feel threatened or violated due to your home being broken into. These security tips will help to ensure that your home, family, and possessions are well protected this season.

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