Home Security Cameras in Greater New Orleans, North Shore & Gulf Coast

Whether you’re away on a business trip, leaving your children at home with a sitter, or simply tucked into your bed at night, security cameras and video monitors can keep you and your family safe. Some even include features that allow you to see what is happening straight from your phone!

Important Surveillance System Features

  • Picture Quality – High definition cameras ensure good detail and will be helpful should authorities need to use footage if something happens.
  • Video Storage – The recording done by the camera system needs to be stored so it can be referred to in the future if needed. We recommend having 7–10 days of footage stored in the DVR or NVR.
  • Camera Placement – The primary purpose of the security camera is to maximize the field of view. Our system designer can recommend the proper placement so there are no blind spots in your coverage.
  • Remote Viewing – This feature allows you to check in on elderly family members or make sure the kids have made it home from school. It can also help reduce false alarms by checking to see there’s a real emergency or not.

The APS Difference

Our system designers work with you to identify your home’s weak points and design a custom camera solution that best meets your needs. Our installation team sets up the equipment and gives a thorough demo of your system. Our dedicated service team can help you retrieve video footage or give you a refresher demo.

Video Verification

In residential security, verification is especially critical to know whether an alarm is legitimate or not. Police give priority response to video verified alarms, treating them as a crime in progress. Installation is easy. Since Videofied is completely wireless, installing a system requires no cables, drilling or modifications to the home. In addition to interior devices, Videofied can also protect outdoor assets: external garages, backyards, pool areas and more all on the same system!


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