Pet Protection

They’re family. Protect them with APS PAWS pet cams, pet safety profile, and more!

Your pets are cherished members of your family – keep them safe with APS Pet Alert & Watch Systems (PAWS). APS PAWS provides you with tools to keep your pets safe: fire and carbon monoxide detection, safety profile and even pet cams so you can keep an eye on them when away from home.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide are just as toxic to pets as they are to humans. APS PAWS protects your pets 24/7 with detection systems monitored by our in house monitoring center.


Pet Cams

Ever wish you could check in on your cat while on a weekend trip? Or, do you have a new puppy or elderly dog in need of monitoring while you are at work? The APS PAWS pet cam lets you view your pets from a web-enabled computer or mobile device so you can be sure they are safe and secure while you are on the go.


Pet Safety Profile

We understand that every pet has a unique set of needs and personality traits, and this is why the APS Security monitoring center keeps vital information on file about your pet to help ensure their safety in the event of a home fire. After you sign-up for service, call our monitoring center at
504-456-2013 and give them any special instructions that will help remove your pet safely from your home.


Is Your Home Pet-Safe?

Whether you are a new pet owner or have owned pets for years, familiarizing yourself with these valuable safety tips will help keep your pets safe at home.

  • Be sure your pets wear an ID tag or are injected with a micro-chip so that you can be easily reunited if separated during an emergency.
  • Secure loose electrical wires to baseboards to deter your pet from dangerous chewing.
  • Place household chemicals, plants and breakable items out of reach on high shelves.
  • Keep pets out of the kitchen while cooking. Temptation to jump up in search of good smells is a fire and safety hazard.
  • Roaring fires or even a flickering candle are a curiosity to pets, so be sure to not leave them unattended.
  • If you live in a split-level home, confine your pets on the first floor to make rescues quicker and easier.
  • Installing pet doors in your home provides a quick escape route for unconfined pets.
  • Arrange a safe haven for your pets like a neighbor, relative or local vet in case you are out of town or unavailable during an emergency.
  • Keep collars and leashes near the main exits of your home for easy accessibility.
  • Store a pet first aid kit at home in case of a medical emergency. Ask your vet what items should be included, or buy a kit from the ASPCA. 


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