Orleans Parish False Alarm Ordinance

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 In 2016, the New Orleans Police Department received roughly 44,000 burglary alarm calls of which the overwhelming majority were false alarms. NOPD officials estimates false alarms cost taxpayers roughly $400,000 a year in police resources. On June 4, 2015, the New Orleans City Council adopted a new ordinance to reduce false alarm dispatches. They selected CryWolf False Alarm Solutions to manage the program. Beginning May 1st, home and business owners are required to register their alarms with CryWolf. A $150 fine can be levied for owners who do not register their alarms.  This post will give you an overview of what you need to know about the new ordinance and how to reduce false alarms.

What you need to know about the ordinance

  • Register your alarm system
    • All Orleans Parish alarm users are required to register under the law. This includes all private residences and business locations within Orleans Parish.  Online registration will be available May 1st, 2017, through the NOPD website.
  • 2 Call Verification
    • The new ordinance requires our monitoring station to call 2 different numbers before contacting the police department. Please make sure your call list is updated by contacting [email protected]
  • “4 Strikes”
    • Under the new ordinance, the alarm system user will get “four strikes” annually before service is suspended.
      • 1st False Alarm – written warning.
    • 2nd False Alarm – $75 Fine.
    • 3rd False Alarm – $150 Fine.
    • 4th False Alarm – $150 Fine.
      • At the end of the calendar year, the false alarm count for each address will revert to zero if all fines have been paid.  The 4 strikes only apply to alarm calls where officers are dispatched and arrive on the scene to investigate. If the owner is able to communicate with their provider that the alarm was indeed false before officers arrive at the location, those instances will not count toward their false alarm tally. 
  •  What Suspension Means
    • Suspension means officers won’t respond to calls at the businesses or residences until the property owner becomes compliant. NOPD will respond to 911 calls from the address but not automated alarm calls.  This does not include fire alarms, panic or medical alarm signals. 
    • APS will continue to monitor your alarm system if you are on suspension. When we receive a burglary signal our operators will contact you via the numbers given by the phone list. 


How to Reduce False Alarms

  • Instruct all alarm users how to operate the alarm system properly. 
    • All users should know their alarm codes and how to arm, disarm and reset the alarm system properly. Review alarm cancellation procedures using authorized passcodes with everyone who might use the alarm system.
  • Up-to-date call list
    • Make sure to keep our monitoring station informed of any modifications to your call list. These changes include: new or disconnected phone numbers, names, key holder information, etc…
  • Answer the phone
    • Having the monitoring station as a contact in your cell phone will let you know we are calling. Many people don’t answer phone numbers they aren’t familiar with. Don’t forgot to let your family and friends know if they are on your call list. 
    • APS Phone numbers to put in your cell phone:
      • 504.455.5277 – office
      • 504.456.2013 – in house monitoring station
  • Contact us BEFORE the remodel
    • You should notify APS before remodeling at the premises or if the phone systems are changed. 
  • Report suspected damaged or faulty equipment
    • Many false alarms are typically due to human error. If you think a false alarm is caused by malfunctioning equipment, contact our service department at 504.455.5277

Still having issues with false alarms??? Contact our False Alarm Coordinator at 504.455.5277

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