Job Security And A Safer Workplace: How Security Services Keep Employees Safe

Employers know that security systems protect their property, but there is nothing more valuable than their staff. A safe work environment is happier, more productive and more efficient. Utilizing what security services have to offer is the easiest way to create a secure workspace. These services reduce the risk of fire damage, theft, and vandalism and much more.  

Protect Employees From Disasters

It is rare for a fire to start out as an uncontrollable blaze. Early warning systems alert everyone to a problem as soon as possible and make it easier for all to evacuate calmly to avoid the potential for injury. Fire suppression systems hold back the fire to increase the possibility of a safe exit. Remote camera monitoring verifies a building is unoccupied from a safe distance.

Reduce Expense and Job Loss

A fire or a flood is a risk to the livelihood of everyone at the business. Early detection is job security because it lowers the financial loss when the problem is addressed quickly and damaged is reduced. Systems that include 24-hour monitoring ensure the same level of protection even when everyone is at home sleeping or out of the office for the weekend.

Partner with a security company to boost the effectiveness of the system through their regular inspections to confirm all safety and monitoring is working appropriately. Inspections help the company to avoid costly fines by ensuring OSHA regulations are met. The dedication to strict safety standards and the addition of the security services may even lower insurance costs.

Control Who Enters Property

Remote access systems are one of the most cost-effective methods of controlling who enters a building. Every business owner must consider the potential risks of allowing free access to their property and through their offices. Access control prevents people without the proper clearance from entering dangerous or confidential areas and it keeps dangerous people out.

There are many examples of people entering workplaces with the intention of doing harm. Every company should develop an escape or defense plan for their staff as a part of their standard safety program. Remote access may not prevent every intruder determined to enter a building, but the delay it provides allows people to have time to get to safety.

Employees have more financial security when their employer invests in protecting all of the personal information they have on file for the employees and the clients. In addition, access control is used to safeguard products and ideas currently in development. Keeping this type of information safe is vital to the survival of any business in a competitive industry.

Stop Theft and Vandalism

The Small Business Administration determined that a single act of vandalism costs a small business an average of about $3,000. Businesses in the United States lose approximately $60 billion each year from theft. About nine percent of all small businesses were burglarized or experienced some type of theft in 2016.

The American Society of Employers reports that out of every dollar a business earns, about 20 cents is stolen by an employee. Not everyone steals from their employer, but all are harmed by the actions of their dishonest co-workers. It may seem uncomfortable to monitor employees with a security camera, but it is the best way to provide job security for the entire team.

Any incident that takes away profit hurts every company member. Address the problem quickly to keep it under control and to avoid putting the business at risk. At Alarm Protection Services we offer solutions for every industry. Contact us to schedule a review of your security needs and to learn more about the services available. 

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