Business Security: 5 Tips to Thwart Shoplifting in Your Retail Store

Shoplifting can have a significant impact on your company’s overall bottom line. Every single day, there is over $35 million worth of products stolen from retailers across the country. To help prevent shoplifting from hurting your business, here are a few tips to deter shoplifters.

Tip #1: Greet Every Single Customer

If someone is going to shoplift an item from your store, they want to come into your store and try to avoid contact with each employee. So, your goal is to try to keep that from happening. With that being said, you need to make sure that you are able to greet each person that walks through your store door.

However, you don’t want to just say “good morning” or “good afternoon,” you also want to make firm eye contact with them. This lets them know that you saw them and that, if necessary, you can describe them in detail. Plus, in the process, you are providing excellent customer service with your simple greeting.

Tip #2: Take Note of At-Risk Items

There are certain products that are more at risk of being shoplifted than others. As a general rule, these items are small and highly valuable. If they fit into a purse or pocket, then these items are easy to shoplift.

These items need to be locked in a display case or near the register so that you can keep a close eye on them. Keep at-risk items in a highly visible area to discourage shoplifters.  

Tip #3: Organize Your Store

It is very important that your store is well-organized and clean. There are a couple of different reasons for this. For starters, a messy store is not appealing for your customers and it could result in you losing business.

Secondly, a cluttered store could increase the risk of shoplifting occurring. After all, a dirty and disorganized store lets a shoplifter know that employees are not doing their jobs and aren’t paying close enough attention to what’s going on, which makes it easy for something to be misplaced or stolen.

Another reason to keep your store clean is that it can be difficult to tell that something has been swiped until it is simply too late.

Tip #4: Focus on Your Dressing Rooms

If your business has dressing rooms, the best thing that you can do is to keep them locked and use a numbering system (for the number of items that they are taking into the dressing room with them). Yes, it may be a hassle, especially when you are short-staffed, however, numbering can really help to deter theft.

In addition, make sure that all customers leave shopping carts and large bags outside of the dressing rooms while trying on their clothes.

Tip #5: Stay Visible

You aren’t going to be able to see your entire store at all times, but there are ways that you can maximize the visibility of your merchandise and displays. For example, you can use the perimeter of your store for some of your taller displays. You can then place your shorter displays closer to the middle of the store and near registers.

Also, there are going to be plenty of blind spots to deal with, so put up mirrors in the corners of your store to help eliminate these blind spots. You should also ensure that the store is well-lit and that there are no dark areas, particularly behind shelves or in the corners.

You don’t have to sit back and hope that your store won’t be the victim of a shoplifting attack. Contact the security professionals at Alarm Protection Services today to find out how we can help you protect your business.

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