Automation in Greater New Orleans, North Shore, and Gulf Coast


Our advanced technology understands what’s happening around your property and takes action on your behalf, proactively.



Smart home security means smarter home automation. With real-time data from the security sensors and connected devices around your home, APS smart automation can understand your activity patterns and take smarter actions on your behalf than standalone devices can.





Geo-Services knows when you’re coming and going. It can automatically trigger your system to send you an arming reminder, turn your outside lights on or off, or even cool your house to the perfect temperature before you get home.






Control your entire home with just one tap. Scenes lets you adjust multiple devices simultaneously.

Whether you’re waking up or going to bed, your home can be the way you want it, instantly.


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Alarm Protection Services

Alarm Protection Services is dedicated to providing you quality protection products for your home or business.


SFM – F20
MEPS – 15006760