Commercial Audio Systems in Greater New Orleans, North Shore & Gulf Coast

Imagine arriving at the office in the morning knowing you have intelligent systems working for you. You enter in your security code and notice the lights automatically turn on, the temperature reset to work mode, and your favorite playlist begins to fill the hallways. Others begin to trickle in for the 9:00 meeting as you fire up the conference room systems with the touch of a button.

And that's just the beginning of a typical day in life of an Audio Professional Services integrated office.

We also specialize in hospitality installations as well including hotels, bars, restaurants, and other related applications.

Whether you're a nightclub owner looking to enhance your atmosphere with distributed audio or a hotel and restaurant owner looking for advanced video feed to HDTVs . . . we are fit for the job.

Alarm Protection Services

Alarm Protection Services is dedicated to providing you quality protection products for your home or business.


SFM – F20
MEPS – 15006760