5 Ways to Strengthen Your Company’s Security

When enforced, an effective access control policy allows the business owner or executive to know and control who has access to different parts of the establishment. You can determine who should or should not be allowed to enter sensitive areas.

You can also print reports and view security cameras whenever needed to determine if someone got access to a restricted area. This sort of accountability can prevent crimes and thwart would-be criminals. You can strengthen your company’s security by implementing the following techniques.  

1. Restrict Entry Times and Days

Can you think of any good reason why an employee would need to reenter the office on Saturday night after everyone’s already gone home? If not, you’ll want to program your access control system to restrict entry to only your normal business hours. This can reduce the probability of employees engaging in unlawful activity like data or merchandise theft.

2. Prohibit Anonymity Among Employees

Are employees allowed to roam freely throughout the building without having to prove their identities? This can be a security concern because criminals can easily pose as employees to enter those areas. If everyone is anonymous, you may not be able to know exactly who is entering specific areas of your building.

You may want to implement the use of ID cards along with your access control system. In highly secure areas, consider using biometrics, like retina or palm scans, to authenticate and know which employees are accessing specific areas.

3. Prohibit Employees From Tailgating

Criminals perform recon activities to see how they can penetrate a company’s defenses.  They will watch employees as they enter a building to see if they all walk in together or if they securely walk in single file, each using their individual access control cards.

Criminals sometimes try to sneak into a building behind a legitimate employee. They gain entry by politely asking an employee to hold the door open for them. Many untrained employees will politely comply with the request and let in unauthorized people because they are unaware of this threat.

Therefore, train all employees to enter only one at a time by scanning their own access cards to thwart this potential attack. Additionally, you can deploy mantraps which by design only allow employees to enter an area one by one. Post signs that explicitly forbid tailgating.

4. Install an Access Control Solution

There are many reasons why a business will limit access to certain parts of its business. For example, a business will seek to protect employees and patrons from the threat of active shooters, to protect sensitive data, or to protect against robbers or criminals.

The function of an access control solution is to ensure that only people who are authorized can enter an area. Therefore, the system will identify the employee and grant entry only if the person can prove they are allowed entry, typically with a card, password, or biometric scans.

5. Align Your Cameras and Alarms

Your access control solution should incorporate video cameras and alarms in unison. That way if an unauthorized person attempts to gain entry to a protected area, not only will they be thwarted but you can see who it is.

You can provide screenshots to employees to be on the lookout for the potential criminal and alert the appropriate authorities. Additionally, a sounding alarm will deter the individual and alert staff of the attempted intrusion.  

Do you need an access control solution for your business? Contact APS to find out how to remotely secure your facility. You can manage and monitor employee access from the convenience of your cell phone or tablet from anywhere at anytime.  

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